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ETH.LimiteD is an ECO business model that has been converted into a selfproliferation form by connecting digital and reality ecosystems.

What is Crypto?
Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology to form a structural model through the consensus mechanism structure of cryptocurrency and block chain confirmation algorithm.
What is Crypto?


ELD is an encryption currency and smart contract that will be created with full compatibility with the ERC20 standard. This complete ETH.LimiteD is implemented as a dAPP, a smart contract within the Ethereum network.


DAPP chain, decentralized
APPlication side chain

The decentralized Application side chain (dAPP chain) is a development tool that will be applied for the implementation of planting applications that run in parallel with the Ethereum network.


Acquisition with mobile
application POC

An Ethereum network-based blockchain layer using the proof of authentication redirection (POC) protocol, while simultaneously providing an integrated mobile solution for ETH.LimiteD network participants and IoT devices that will be connected to DB solution S/W..


DAPP, decentralized

This is possible because ETH.LimiteD is implemented as a decentralized application (DAPP) compliant with the ERC20 standard on an ethereum network basis.


KYC (Know your Customer)

ETH.LimiteD must be acquired to participate in mobile services using the Proof Of Certified emigration protocol (POC) protocol, which can be obtained through sale. Having an ETH.LimiteD means being a Proof Of Certified (POC) protocol participant.


Eco-business for reducing
carbon emissions

ETH.LimiteD is planning to expand the scope of ETH.LimiteD to IoT devices by simply using DB solution products such as Meter Data Management (MDM) and Smart Grid Gateway (SGG) in DB solution utilities as well as reducing carbon emission rights in daily life.


A sidechain connected to the main chain of the ethereum network.

The cryptocurrency implemented by RCS is a technology that integrates offline energy business and eco-business with both mobile devices or IoT devices and blockchain technology called Ethereum Network.

ELD Total Supply

ELD is blockchain structure produced based on ERC20, total 1 billion ELD
will be created and supplied.


According to our team strategy, every year in January, we will reduce the amount of token supply by 20%, which promotes the long-term development of ELD


Total Amount: 1,000,000,000 ELD

Pre-sale price: $0


June 2020
Launch beta version of ELD wallet
July 2020
Launch the official version of ELD Wallet and Exchange
August 2020
Start trading on the exchange with 20,000+ traders + Competitions
October 2020
- Engage and Publish more partners
- Launch Token sale Platform
January 2021
Publish and Start Token Burning Schedule
February 2021
Burn 20% of ELD total amount
March 2021
Launch option margin and OTC, become TOP 10 global volume Exchange




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This white paper contains current or future visions and expectations.

This material is intended to provide information to those who wish to use the ELD Coin Platform service and may not be used as an investment proposal or as a protocol, warranty, etc. for the sale and purchase of the coin.



ELD on media

ELD on media



Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the
compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

ELD Wallet is the first Decentralized wallet in the World. ELD Wallet supports ELD token Staking network; send and receive transactions, store ETH and ERC - 20 Token. Owning ELD Token is said to hold equitizing enterprises. ELD Wallet is a high-tech platform complex of decentralized financial platforms and decentralized applications including: Dapps Games, Dapps Invest Staking; Decentralized Bo, Decentralized Exchange ... Eth.limited will be the first in the world to prove BO Decentralized , Betting Game platform is transparent.

The ETH.limited Network is an organization that has developed products such as the ELD Decentralized Platform, the ELD Blockchain Wallet, and Decentralized wallet Apps, ELD token. Eth.limited platform is a blockchain wallet platform: Decentralized financial services (loans, deposits supported in cryptocurrency), applications, reducing user complexity and risk. , financial services on blockchain.

The ELD token is a reward for the Eth.limited ecosystem.
You can buy ELD coins by creating an account on the Eth.limited wallet through Trust Wallet, Imtoken, Metamask, and then perform Swap Eth to ELD. All ELD tokens are created from Staking bonus or on cryptocurrency exchanges when the ELD token has been officially listed.
ELD provides users with the right to use the platform and wallet to use it to pay for transaction processing, to run smart contracts, to reduce prices, to set up processes to participate safely in projects and services. finance and other insurance. Investors can use the ELD token for Staking, which in turn yields a profit of 6% - 15% monthly.
We are open to partherships, listings and cooperation. Please, send your inquiry on [email protected]
Ethereum is a decentralized software platform that allows Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications to be built and run without any downtime, fraud, control or interference from third parties. The potential applications of Ethereum are diverse. We are developing our own Blockchain Eth.limited.
The ERC20 token standard describes the functions and events that an Ethereum token contract has to implement.
Yes, the ELD (Custom Blockchain) token will be mined via Erebus Masternodes, and you can also earn additional tokens via the Staking model right at the Trust, Imtoken, Metamask wallet through the decentralized browser on the user's personal wallet
You can use the Blockchian ELD Wallet. One of the best wallets in the crypto industry as well as other famous wallet unit platforms: Trust Wallet, Imtoken are our Invest support units. Additionally, you can use Myetherwallet, Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or other top apps
Yes, we have a global marketing system and the rapid spread of affiliate marketing. We think that Metamask will be our great challenge in the near future.
ELD network built for the community. Whatever your skills, we welcome and encourage your contributions to the ELD Network.
Anyone can join our Proof of Care and Airdrop program and be rewarded for their love and devotion to ELD. ELD Proof of Care (bonus) is our program where we respectfully reward users for their attention and activity to ELD by spreading information about our project in a way their own.
With every new user, the demand for ELD increases. Users buy ELD directly at the exchanges. We use the Staking model to create scarcity for ELD tokens. According to our team strategy, every year in January, we will reduce the amount of staking by 20%, which promotes the long-term development of ELD. There are over 1 billion potential users and therefore more than 1 billion potential ELD buyers out there. The ELD network provides products for token use.
Betting is an art of extraction through digital wallets. Through placing bets, you can earn additional ELD tokens if you store them in your ELD Wallet and configure betting options.